Effect of early laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Acute Cholecystitis

  • Abdulhameed J. Ali
  • Arkan A. AL-Ogali
  • Hala I. Salih
  • Abdalrahman H. Turfa
Keywords: Acute cholecystitis, early LC, delayed LC


Background: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has become the treatment of choice for elective cholecystectomy.
Objectives: To evaluate the safety and feasibility of early LC for AC and to compare the results with delayed LC.
Methods: A prospective study done from April 2011 to October 2013, 88 patients with diagnosis of AC were divided randomly into two groups according to the mode of treatment; (early group n=40) treated by early LC within first 72 hours or (delayed group, n=48) initial conservative treatment for 4-6 weeks, followed by delayed LC.
Results: There was no difference between the two groups (early & delayed LC), operating time (early 80min, delayed 70min), conversion rate (early 7.5%, delayed 6.25%), postoperative complications (early 20%, delayed 14.58%), However, the early group had shorter mean hospital stay (early 2.5 days, delay 5 days).
Conclusion: early laparoscopic cholecystectomy appears to be reliable, safe, and cost effective treatment modality for acute cholecystitis, offering the additional benefits of a shorter hospital stay.