Dorsal plication during penile orthoplasty with and without neurovascular bundle mobilizationA comparative clinical trial conducted At Ghazy Al-Hariri teaching hospital for surgical specialties (2013 –2015)

  • Yahia Muhaisin Ali M. B. Ch. B., F.I.C.M.S
  • Yousuf Mohammed Alhallaq Consultant Urologist
  • Harth Mohamed Al-Saadawi M. B. Ch. B., F.I.C.M.S
Keywords: Penile curvature, plication, Neurovascular bundle


Background: Dorsal plication on each side of the penis at the 2 and 10-o’clock positions had been a mainstay for correction of ventral penile curvature. However, because only the 12-o’clock position proved to be a nerve-free zone, dorsal plication at the 12-o’clock position can be advocated.
Objectives: To evaluate tunica albuginea plication with and without neurovascular bundle mobilization in patients with ventral penile curvature.
Type of the study: A prospective study.
Methods: A 34 patients with a mean age of (4.8 ± 0.54) years, Who still have ventral penile curvature all ≤ 30º after degloving of penis with or without other orthoplasty technique, randomized into two groups, in group (A) 17 patients subjected to midline dorsal penile plication at 12-o'clock, whereas in group (B) 17 patients subjected to plication of tunica albuginea at 2 and 10-o’clock positions after neurovascular bundle mobilization.
Results: 94.1% of group (A) and 88.2% of group (B) Patients have satisfactory appearance of the penis. No complications were reported in both groups
Conclusions: The incision and plication of tunica albuginea with neurovascular bundle mobilization is long and more invasive procedure than Midline dorsal penile plication with no significant differences in outcome.