Early Postoperative Acute Abdominal Complications

  • Mohammed J. K. Al kaaby General surgeon , Subspecialty in GI surgery Al kindy Teaching Hospital
  • Ali Zamil Mushettet Consultant surgeon ,Subspecialty in GI Surgery Al Kindy Teaching Hospital
  • Mohammed J. M.Ali Al-Najjar General Surgeon Al _ immamein Al kadhemein Teaching Complex
Keywords: Postoperative,, Acute Complications, Re intervention


Background: The post-operative acute abdominal complication is one of the most difficult clinical problems facing the surgeon, and it represents a unique challenge for him not only because of the difficulty in making a precise diagnosis but also in the decision for further management .
Objective: discuss the post-operative acute abdominal complications requiring re-intervention
Type of the study: Cross sectional study.
Methods : Patients with early post-operative Acute Abdominal complications ( within 30 days from the initial operation ) who required re-intervention were studied prospectively
Results :The study included 82 patients 47 of them were females, their age ranging 7-87,Different types of the initial operation were reported,51 % of them were emergency operations.
Exploration for Trauma was the most frequent initial operation 28%,followed by Biliary Surgery in 25.6%
The most common cause for postoperative acute abdominal complications was intraabdominal infections and /or collections in 68.4% of patients
Mortality was 10%, 50% of them were in the intraabdominal infection group
24.3% of patients required more than one re intervention
Conclusion : Acute abdominal complications in the early post-operative period presents a problem of special concern not only because of the difficulty in the detection of acute post-operative complications within the abdomen but also in making precise decision to separate those complications from a new condition unrelated to the operation .